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How Can Good Tenants Improve A Property's Financials, Especially If It's A Newly Acquired Property?

Updated: Oct 14, 2023

Attracting good tenants for a rental property can be the key to having a successful business. The best tenants who also take care of the property, pay the rent on time, and are willing to cooperate with whatever rules and regulations the landlord establishes are also the ones who can improve a property’s financials.

But how can they do that? Let’s see together in today’s post!

Timely Payments

The most obvious thing to do is to pay rent on time. Consistent income allows the property owners to budget and plan better, and also to cover their own expenses like mortgage, taxes, and maintenance fees.

It’s not convenient for a landlord to have to wait around for rent or even pull money out of their own pocket to pay other expenses that they have. Thus, consistent tenants can be of great help when it comes to improving the property’s financials.

Lease Renewals

It’s safe to say that no one wants to deal with tenant turnover costs, and having your tenants renew their lease helps keep them in check. You may need to make repairs each time a tenant moves out of the property, you also need to clean the place and spend your time and money advertising the estate and screening new tenants.

We all know how the saying goes, “time is money”, so whatever involves you spending extra time trying to find new tenants, means you are slowly also losing profit. But good tenants who choose to renew their lease can save you the hassle of trying to stay afloat with your expenses.

Attracting Other Good Tenants

Just as mentioned above, good tenants can find and attract other good tenants by putting in a good word for your property. According to this San Jose property management company, this method is specifically applicable in multi-unit buildings, as it’s easier for them to talk to their neighbors.

Suppose a tenant is respectful, positive, mindful of their home, and communicative. In that case, they can have a better effect on the overall tenant community and can quickly improve the property’s reputation, as they will come across as trustworthy. This can help you furthermore attract other good, and desirable tenants that would be a great fit for your property.

Energy Efficient Upgrade

Tenants can opt for upgrading to energy-efficient methods of lighting in order to save money on the bills and property electrical maintenance. This can include switching to LED, efficient appliances, or improving insulation. These changes can easily lower the utility costs, and increase the property’s value since there are a lot of tenants who prefer a more efficient home in this day and age.

Rent Increase

Some tenants might be open to rent increment programs where the rent goes up slightly each year, as this can help keep the property’s earnings and profit in line with market trends and inflation.

However, you need to clearly communicate this option with your tenant before slapping them with a clause like this on their lease. Even though a rent increase is natural and it has to happen at one point, some tenants might not be on board with this if taken by surprise, so try to talk to them and eventually, you will find some common ground.

Participate in Property Upgrades

In some cases, the right tenants will be willing to participate in property upgrades or renovations that might be taking place. For example, they might want to contribute to the costs of some upgrades in exchange for a negotiated decrease in rent or any future extra maintenance fees.

If you agree to this, remember that any changes to the lease have to be agreed to in writing by both parties. Always consult with a professional when it comes to legal matters in order to stay protected and avoid any potential disputes or issues.


Renting to the right tenants can not only benefit you mentally but also from a professional point of view and business-wise. They can help you with a lot if you communicate with them, keeping you stress-free and aiding your business to flourish.

Property managers also have the expertise and knowledge to market a property properly, vet potential tenants, and manage the legal terms of the tenancy agreement, all of which are detrimental factors to having a rental property that’s a good source of income in the long term.

Get in touch with us today and learn more about our services.

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