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Maintenance Issues

Prior to submitting a maintenance request, please review our policies and procedures below. There are some useful maintenance videos included on this page. Many common problems can be quickly resolved by the tips in these videos. If you are unable to correct the problem and still wish to submit a maintenance request, you may do so by clicking the link at the bottom of this page. All repairs must be in writing and submitted through the link on this page. We will not accept repair requests over the phone. If thereis a fire or medical emergency, call 911 before calling our office.

Tenant’s General Responsibilities: Tenant, at Tenant’s expense, must:

(1) keep the Property clean and sanitary;

(2) promptly dispose of all garbage in appropriate receptacles;

(3) supply and change heating and air conditioning filters at least once a month;

(4) supply and replace all light bulbs, fluorescent tubes, and batteries for smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, garage door openers, ceiling fan remotes, and other devices (of the same type and quality that are in the Property on the Commencement Date);

(5) maintain appropriate levels of necessary chemicals or matter in any water softener;

(6) take action to promptly eliminate any dangerous condition on the Property;

(7) take all necessary precautions to prevent broken water pipes due to freezing or other causes;

(8) replace any lost or misplaced keys;

(9) pay any periodic, preventive, or additional extermination costs desired by Tenant, including treatment for bed bugs, unless otherwise required by law;

(10) remove any standing water;

(11) know the location and operation of the main water cut-off valve and all electric breakers and how to switch the valve or breakers off at appropriate times to mitigate any potential damage;

(12) water the foundation of the Property at reasonable and appropriate times

Landlord will NOT pay to repair the following items unless caused by Landlord’s negligence:

(a) conditions caused by Tenant, an Occupant, or any guest or invitee of Tenant;

(b) damage to doors, windows, and screens;

(c) damage from windows or doors left open;

(d) damage from wastewater stoppages caused by foreign or improper objects in lines that exclusively serve the Property;

(e) items that are cosmetic in nature with no impact on the functionality or use of the item;

By Clicking and Submitting a Maintenance Request, You Have Read and Agree to the Above Stated Terms and Conditions

Grey Limbo

Many common problems can be resolved by the Tenant. Please read through the following tips to see if you can fix the problem yourself before submitting a maintenance request.

Heat or Cooling Air filter

Garbage Disposal

Loss of Electricity

Smoke Detector Doesn't Work or Chirps

Air Conditioning

Prevent Frozen Pipes

Reset a Garage Door Remote Control

Refrigerator Issues

Toilet is Clogged

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